12 Great Dishes for a Steamy and Delicious Date


The food you have ordered could break or make a budding chemistry with your date sitting right across the table. There are foods to be avoided at all costs on a date as well as meals men love to see women order. These are sumptuous dishes for those after a delicious yet steamy and sexy date.

Gnocchi – If you have been taken to a cool Italian restaurant by your date, do not feel ashamed to enjoy a hearty plate of the best pasta. If you do it dexterously, the process of eating pasta can be quite steamy and sexy. The best suggestion is choosing an easy to eat variation that will not result in unromantic and messy moment, the reason why ordering spaghetti on your first date might not be great. However, Potato gnocchi will be a choice you will love and any real Italian restaurant will have the delicate potato pillows whipped up from scratch and topped with unique sauces including the best silky mozzarella.

Steak – To impress the man who has taken you on a date, order steak. Men have always thought ladies who are great in cutting their steak are insanely sexy. While it might be a good choice to order, avoid jabbing it with your fork or knife-hack it and most importantly, avoid swallowing a huge chunk of meat more than you can chew. Watching a woman taking full control of the best made steak will make any man look forward to quality time together.

12 Great Dishes for a Steamy and Delicious Date 1

Salad – Salad is not a food any man fancy their date ordering. Men might find it sexy to see a woman ordering steak but playing it on the fitness side is advisable. Let him know you are a girl who likes taking care of her health and body. If you go for a salad, remember the judgment you receive might be for worse or for better.

Salmon – There is no way you can go wrong if you order a lavishly cooked salmon fillet on your date. This will protect you from ordering turn-offs such as salads while making sure you have not added weight you might have been trying to lose all week.

Wine – It is almost hard to think about a date without some wine. Ordering the best glass will help you to relax to start enjoying yourself on your date. After relaxing, giving off a steamy, sexy vibe will come naturally.

Figs – Ordering figs adds a little something to the wonderful moment. They are considered as aphrodisiac foods although not in the obvious way known to men. Apart from their visual eroticism, they will give your body much needed zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and manganese, minerals very important in your sexual health. In fact, Adam and Eve are said to have worn fig leaves as their first ever clothes. Figs can be ordered honey fried, blue-cheese stuffed or bacon wrapped to evoke that sexy sentiment you will definitely need.

Sushi – If you can refrain from getting large sushi rolls, sushi is definitely good for any date. A sushi restaurant will offer an authentic and lively environment for the two of you to enjoy the gracefulness that comes from eating Japanese cuisine.

Oysters – Oysters scream the word “sexy” when they are served, a globally known and adored aphrodisiac. If you are worrying about miscommunication with your date, then oysters will do the trick.

12 Great Dishes for a Steamy and Delicious Date 2

Chicken – If you want to be safe at the dinner table, chicken is the food to go for. It is always easy and lively to eat, hardly smelly and very lean. Apart from being very common and ordinary like anything vanilla, order chicken only if it is the chef’s special.

Risotto – To prepare risotto, the process is usually careful and slow. Many things could go wrong while cooking it but if you can get well done risotto, it will be a dish you will never forget, perhaps just like the man across the table.

Ice Cream – There is no way you can go wrong with ice cream; lick it richly and your date will definitely get the picture.

Shrimp or Seared Scallops – These sea creatures are slippery, fine, firm and sweet, easy to eat and have the flavor to spice the evening. If they are seared right, the crunch from the inside will behold your mouth with the buttery inside making it to melt, just like you might be hoping your male date will do.