6 Myths About Healthy Food You Should Know About


Eating the right kind of food is not only right but important. it is however almost impossible to tell what one should eat for the purpose of health or not. With the manufacturers all campaigning for how healthy their food is, the line is becoming slimmer and slimmer when it comes to the reality of healthy food. Here are a few myths that are out there that need to be cleared up to ensure that you stay on the right path.

Myth 1

Sugar is better than high fructose corn syrup

The fact of the matter is any amount of sugar in the body that is above normal is bad for you. the lesser sugar you eat the better it is for your health. The notion that one type of sugar when it comes to High fructose syrup and normal sugar is better is not valid. these sugars are all made with 50:50 glucose to fructose ratio which makes it impossible for the body to differentiate one for the other. the best thing to do about these two sugars is cut the all down or eliminate them from your diet altogether. You can also turn your attention to natural honey which is a perfect substitute for both.

Myth 2

Sea salt is better than regular salt

This is one myth that many people will not stop to really think about. Normal or regular salt will carry about 2300 milligrams of sodium in every teaspoonful. The amazing thing is sea salt will carry the same. the selling point for sea salt is that it comes with more minerals in it when compared to regular salt. This is true but not really helpful. reason being the minerals are in trace or may not benefit the body in any way. One would have to take in a lot of sea salt for these trace elements to make any sense in the body. This simply means that you actually lose more since sea salt comes with no trace of iodine!

6 Myths About Healthy Food You Should Know About 1

Myth 3

Energy drinks beat soda

The next time you are taking an energy drink in the guise of cutting down on your weight gain, think about these facts. The truth is that energy drinks come packed with amino acids and a lot of vitamin B for the purpose of pumping some energy into your body. Sadly enough, your body will also remember the amount of sugar packed in these drinks. All these will accumulate on your waistline besides corroding your teeth. you want to build your energy in the safest way? Take coffee!

Myth 4

Switch to diet soda

The common misunderstanding of this drink is in the side effects. The drink is definitely better than a regular soda due to the amount of sugar in it. Diet soda is instead laden with artificial sweeteners which include sucralose and aspartame. The worst thing about these natural sweeteners is the fact that they heighten appetite. People using artificial sweeteners have been found to have 40% more chances of being obese due to eating more. This does not help the cause does it?

6 Myths About Healthy Food You Should Know About 2

Myth 5

Low fat foods are the best!

This has been an area of contention for many and remains one. Just to clear the air about low fat foods: They are in no way better than the low card diet foods! Low fat diets simply mean more salt and low quality carbohydrates. People on low carb diets have been found to lose more weight than those on low fat diets. This was proven and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The cheap carbohydrates in low fat foods like Smucker peanut butter known as maltodextrine was a suggested substitute for normal peanut butter. the fact of the matter however is that the fat in peanut better is healthy. the more you take the better it is for you!

Myth 6

‘Natural’ labeled foods are healthier

You need to understand that FDA has not come up with proper strategies to control the labeling of food in the market today. Buying food simply because it has been labelled under natural foods is not only a waste of time but dangerous for you. The only way to do natural food today is by good research or going organic. This is by simply shopping in an organic grocery or store. 7UP comes with a natural label that is truly deceptive. What they call natural sweeteners is a high dose of fructose syrup which is no better than regular sugar at the end of the day. Making matters worse, you might end up paying more for a lie that has been placed right before your eyes!