7 Dieting & Nutrition Myths Busted


Dieting is one of the most common ways used today to lose weight. There are however a lot of lies that come with the field that people have held on to. Here are a few myths that have been revealed about dieting.

Myth 1

Low fats foods and no fat foods are great

Word has gone aound that low fat or no fat at all is bad for your health especially when it comes to weight loss. in as much as one need to attain weight loss, one should understand that there are important minerals that come form fat. It is in fact recommended that a thrid of the energy your body uses come from fats. Fats are also reservoirs of vitamin A, D, K and E. they are also important for the purpose of tissue repair and energy for the muscles. The most important thing when it comes to fats is to make sure that yo cut down on saturated ones and getting aboard the saturated fats for your diet to make sure that you do not lose valuable nutrients in your diet.

Myth 2

Fasting and crash dieting helps you lose weight

The fact of the matter is that these two methods look effective when first indulged in. The lack of food and nutrition for the body will naturally lead to weight loss. This is however not healthy for your body. The loss of weight fast and abruptly also eats into the body muscles. The basal metabolic rates falls to a point of deteriorating muscles and creates a deficit that swoops back if a normal diet is resumed. this may lead to abrupt weight gain which may be more devastation. Slow and natural weight loss is the best way to cut down any extra weight. this means that the body will adjust to the new mechanism and stay on it for much longer.

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Myth 3

Eating late night is fattening

This area has been misunderstood by many which is the reason why most people are scared of eating in the evening. Studies have shown that food eaten at night makes no difference for any individual. People that eat little through the day and alot in the evening are howevr more likely to gain weight. Eating regular through the day including late nights has no effect whatsoever on weight gain. Weight gain is caused by the cumulative effect that food has in 24 hours. A regular eating routine all through the day is better as compared to eating little at night.

Myth 4

Slow metabolism causes weight gain

Studies have shown that the bigger or fatter you are, the higher your metabolism. This is so because the body will naturally need to increse the rate of metabolism to cater for the bigger weight mass. Many fat people will blame slow metabolism on their weight gain which is a big misunderstanding. The only cause of weight gain id eating more than the body is using. managing this is the only way to lose weight.

Myth 5

Fattening food add weight fast

The fact here is weight loss no matter what is eaten occurs slowly. it takes a consistent habit of taking fat on a daily basis for you to add weight. you need up to about 3500 calories to add a pound of weight which is much more than a simple bar of chocolate. The paranoia behind the idea is unwarranted. It will require the individsual to eat a number of bars of chocolate a day for this weight to accumulate the weight. The best way to manage weight is a long habit of eating the right kind of foods. An occasional sugar high will not change your weight in any way.

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Myth 6

Full fat milk comes with more calcium than low fat milk

Low fat milk actually has more calcium when compared to full fat milk. the calcium in milk is in the dreamy part which is more fatty than the rest of the milk. Low fat milk is good for those looking to lose weight while full fat milk is great for those looking to gain healthy weight. Body builders will find high fat milk more nourishing than full fat milk.

Myth 7

If you eat it, you can lose it!

Weight loss is a treacherous and painful process. Gaining weight is as simple as eating your favorite meal at the end of the day consistently in more amounts. Weight loss is as painful as coming up with tiring exercises and habits that will have to be kept to deal with the weight you have gained. The verdict here is, losing it is much harder than gaining it. It also takes longer and can get really complicated depending on the person.