Why You Should Always Opt For The Paleo Diet


The followers of paleo diet often swear by the numerous positive effects it has got on the body. Scroll down this write up in order to take a look at the components of this kind of diet, so that in the wrong run you can hassle free reap these benefits.

What Is Paleolithic Diet?

The paleo diet, popularly also known as Stone Age diet or caveman diet is a diet which is based on what is believed to be the diet of those individuals belonging to the Paleolithic era. Basically, the Paleolithic era is an era that existed approximately 2 million years ago. This kind of diet includes live food, like vegetables and wild fruits, meat, seeds and nuts. It has no room for the processed or packaged foods which were not available naturally during those times. Generally, even legumes and grains are not included.

As such, paleo diet is an ideal diet for those individuals who’re aiming for weight loss, the athletes, as well as those who want to effectively control conditions such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


The paleo diet basically consists of primary foods which can be hunted, caught and gathered. These include wild game, shellfish, fish, pastured or grass fed livestock, nuts, vegetables, fruit, eggs form the natural raised chickens, seeds and coconut among others.

The diet often recomends the elimination of potatoes, dairy, legumes, grains, added salt, sugar as well as processed meats like bacon, hot dogs and sausage. The restriction on the legumes includes snow peas, peas, green beans, peanuts, soy beans and corn. Oils must always come from fruits such as avocado and olive or tree nuts such as almond, walnut and coconut. This diet doesn’t permit safflower, sunflower or the other seed oils that are highly refined.


On the Paleolithic diet, you’re allowed to consume all the lean meats, seafood, vegetables, and fish as you wish. This normally is due to the fact that the diet is often based on premise that these kinds of food products are filling anddo not in any way stimulate an individuals’ appetite the way refined carbohydrates and grains normally do.


The paleo diet usually promises weight loss, improved health as well as increased metabolism. This is often due to the fact that this diet is often free of sugar and grains. Also, paleo diet meals have got a low glycemic load that contributes as well to make it essential to be consumed for those individuals who want to effectively get rid of their excess body weight. Foods comprising of low glycemic loads assist people to control appetite and considerably maintain their blood sugar levels.

Why You Should Always Opt For The Paleo Diet 1


The Paleolithic diet is about 20 to 40 percent proteins, 32 to 48 percent fat and 23 to 45 percent carbohydrates. Its nutritional makeup normally resembles the highly recommended weight loss diet referred as Mediterranean diet.

Just the same as tmediteranean diet, the Paleolithic diet is also high in fat. However, the fats in paleo diet are primarily heart healthy, mono-unsaturated fats rich in the omega fatty acids as well as relatively low in omega 6 fatty acids. Basically, you will hassle free eliminate these benefits if you happen to consume meat from the grain fed animals. Meat from grain fed animals usually is higher in omega 6 fatty acids and saturated fat but lower in the healthy omega fatty acids.


To hassle free increase the variety in your Paleolithic does, look to the raw food recipes, vegetable heavy vegetarian or cuisine cookbooks. Different enthusiasts normally use the Paleo approved foods like vegetables and nuts to make the dairy free cheeses and the grain free breads, pancakes as well as noodle dishes. Vegetarian and ethnic cookbooks may assist you discover the vegetable based meals and effective ways to prepare the fresh produce. This can significantly be of great beneficial for those individuals who want to effectively get rid of their body weight using this kind of diet.

Other Things To Avoid

Those of you opting to get rid of their body weight using a paleo diet should remember to exclude sodium specifically form the diet (though it’s not allowed on the Paleolithic diet). Moreover, try consuming food in its raw form in order for you to hassle free gain maximum strength. This typically includes consuming raw meat. Generally, you can easily whip up some very delicious paleo recipes using the aforementioned foods.

In your attempt to use the paleo diet to effectively get rid of your body weight, if you happen to find the paleo diet to be too harsh, begin by gradually cutting out a few a few of the items, and once you happen to get used to it, then proceed on cutting over the rest.

Generally, this way will enable you to be able to effectively benefit from the paleo diet without in anyway giving up on it. Try to see how you feel after you’ve completely resorted to paleo diet. Moreover we are all normally aware that eating the natural as well as light foods is often the key to a healthy lifestyle and diet. If that is what you’re specifically looking for, ensure that you give the pale diet a shot, and get to experience by yourself the numerous benefits that this kind of diet carries along.

Last but not the least; it is my sincere hope that the aforementioned information will prove of great beneficial for those who want to effectively get rid of their body weight using the paleo diet. Ensure that you make use of it in order to get to experience its effectiveness.